29 Jun 2011

Android Application Release: Location Sender

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We just released a new Location Based Application on the Android Market.



Looking forward for your feedbacks!

29 Jun 2011

Location Sender

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• App can dispatch any defined message (by user) to the desired recipients, if the user is present at any location (defined by user).
• User can pin any location on the map, and type the message which he wants to send on any perticular number.
• App will automatically send the message on that number when user just enter on that location.
• App can show the pined locations on the map widget with message and recepient number, if the user wants to see.

21 Jun 2011


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After one week of negotiations, MEGANOM Inc signed an agreement with D-Tech to joint venture the  new start-up service AnyTimeReply that allows business and individuals to hire a smart auto replying bot. The site is in beta phase now, and the plans will start to be sold early August later this year.


AnyTimeReply is the automated answering system available to customers round the clock. Its services include managing queries of your customers, answering them, saving the unsolved queries so that you can view and answer them later, auto emailing back to the customers once the answers are available. It have auto-trainned robots named Maria, Sara and Janet.


20 Jun 2011

MEGANOM, Inc to Launch AnytimeReply.com

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MEGANOM, Inc is about to sign an agreement of partnership with D-Tech Office to start launching the new automatic auto-reply system for individuals and businesses.

The site design is almost complete, the two companies now are negotiating the marketing and sales plans.

Have a look on the new service at:



03 Jun 2011

MEGANOM offering now Mobile Publishing Services

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Are you in a country where you cannot publish your paid applications? We are offering great offers for customers who are interested to publish their applications through us without hassles and headaches. MEGANOM, Inc will take care of your application publishing and marketing as well!

Contact our sales teams today to know more about our publishing services: sales@mgnom.com

Don’t forget! At MEGANOM we offer a full service of mobile applications design and development as well, contact us today and have your application done!


22 May 2011

Elance Profile

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17 May 2011


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MEGANOM, Inc released its first iOS mobile application called iVaccines.

This application will help parents in determining the dates on which their babies should have their vaccines based on the CDC list.

– Calculate dates from birth up to 12 years
– Track which vaccines are done, upcoming or all. A red label will be shown on the past due vaccines.
– Multiple Children Entry
– Users can synchronize the vaccines dates with their devices’ calendar.

We are looking forward to hear your feedbacks and suggestions.


12 May 2011

Starting a Group Buying Business?

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Are you planning to start a group buying business?

MEGANOM, Inc engineers had developed a powerful solution that can be customized easily to start your own group buying website with your branding. The package is based on the famous WordPress CMS.

We are offering the package:

– Plugin only

– Plugin + theme design (including logo design and branding)

– Installation

– After sales maintenance

For more information about prices and plans, contact us today: sales@mgnom.com

10 May 2011

MEGANOM Community

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We are proud to announce the launching of the new community site that will focus on helping people with technology. We are targeting both end users and developers who want fast response from our staff and from the community on their technology questions.

The community site can be found on http://qa.mgnom.com

23 Apr 2011

MEGANOM Inc Started to Provide Hosting Services

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MEGANOM, Inc is proud to start providing Hosting services for its clients. With very appealing market price, MEGANOM is offering a wide range of products for individuals and businesses:

– Domain Names

– Shared Web Hosting

– VPS Hosting

– Semi Dedicated Hostings

– Dedicated Servers

Visit MEGANOM Hosting stores today and benefit from latest offers available.